In the resorts, enthusiastic G.O and G.E are the driving force behind cooperative action.

In the Resorts, the priority is on improving the living conditions and education of disadvantaged children, in the vicinity of the Club Med's sites:

  • The Education programs support long-term initiatives in local schools and orphanages: renovating buildings, providing facilities, school kits, and sometimes providing replacement educational staff as part of a one or two-week solidarity leave scheme.

  • In the Sports Schools, the children are welcomed on a weekly basis in the Resorts and make the most of the facilities under the leadership of the G.Os in order to learn sports. The objective is to get as many young people as possible to experience a rewarding, challenging, educational and recreational time together, while also providing a training course in the role of a G.O for the more motivated young people.

    In Agadir, Marrakesh and Yasmina (Morocco), Cap Skirring (Senegal), Punta Cana (Dominican Republic) and Cherating (Malaysia

  • The Gateways to Jobs, set up between a Club Med Resort and the neighbouring partner associations of the Foundation, seek to create job-related courses within the Club Med for the young people who are being monitored by these associations.

  • The culmination of the charitable season is the Worldwide Snack, which invites children from the neighbouring associations and schools to each Resort: in 2016, for the 17th Worldwide Snack, 34 resorts received almost 3,000 children in a very joyful and dreamlike atmosphere: bazaars, sporting and artistic activities, banquet buffets, entertainment, etc.

The Foundation also organises initiatives in favour of the environment and sustainable development, by facilitating ad hoc actions such as beach cleaning operations or by supporting long-term local projects with partner associations:

  • The teams pass on information to the G.Ms about protecting the biodiversity and invite them to contribute to local programmes, such as the preservation of the Mediterranean monk seals in Greece or the restoration of the fauna and flora on the Island of Mauritius.

    At Gregolimano (Greece) and Pointe aux Canonniers (Mauritius)

  • In Morocco and Senegal, the Foundation is committed to working alongside the Agrisud and Club Med NGOs in providing management and agro-ecology assistance to small local producers so that they can minimise the vulnerability of their businesses and supply the Resorts of the Club. The mobilisation of the G.Os, G.Es and G.M has led to the funding of solar water pumps in the market gardens in Casamance and a secure access to water for the fruit growers of the region of Asni, in the Atlas.

Foundation Corners, which the G.M can join

In order to respond to the ever-increasing numbers of G.M who want to get involved in initiatives, 'Foundation Corners', associated to local Education Programs, were created in 2006 to collect their donations of school supplies or products for very young children. Furthermore, in 2012, the 'Friends of Club Méditerranée Corporate Foundation' was created in order to collect the cash donations of G.Ms.

Bespoke voluntary work at the headquarters and in the business units around the world

At the Paris head office or in the business units, in London, Sydney, Lyon, Miami, Johannesburg, Tel Aviv or Milan, volunteers meet to visit sick children in hospitals, provide school support and assist young students or graduates from disadvantaged neighbourhoods. Some participate in charitable jumble sales, sports races or even fruit picking initiatives in favour of associations located close to their place of work. Finally, there are others who devote part of their holidays to the Solidarity Leave scheme in the area of education (assistance in Education programmes in schools neighbouring our Resorts in Morocco) or the environment (eco-volunteering on a sailboat to study and prevent the pollution of the Mediterranean Sea with plastic gdebris).

The G.Os propose and lead the partnerships and projects to be supported, and there is no lack of ideas in terms of charitable initiatives!

86% of the Foundation's grants are directly assigned to projects.

Geographical distribution of the grants: in 17 countries.