Improving education of 50 children from Miches


In brief

The project supports the implementation of two homework and reading clubs, to strengthen literacy of 50 children from La Majagua School in Miches, who are in risk of school failure, overcome their academic difficulties and prevent school dropouts.

"The Foundation was created with the aim of helping support joint projects proposed by GOs-GEs, in the vicinity of our Resorts and Offices. It therefore prefers to try and meet local needs by distributing its resources between large numbers of programmes around the world, and then use the leverage provided by the involvement of its teams, and that of the GMs. It is therefore through the generosity of these “Gentils Donateurs” that ever more projects can be turned into reality, and more quickly."
Agnès Weil, General Delegate of the Club Méditerranée Corporate Foundation

About World Vision Dominican Republic

World Vision is an NGO dedicated to work with children, families and communities to overcome poverty and injustice in Dominican Republic since 1989. World Vision works to strengthen literacy of children in many communities through the "homework clubs". The children attend homework clubs three times a week to overcome academic difficulties with any of the basic subjects such as mathematics, Spanish, social studies and sciences through different activities, led by a tutor.

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With the Club Méditerranée Foundation

The Foundation supports World Vision’s new program in Miches which helps 50 children in risk of school failure by improving their education and overcoming their learning difficulties. The program follows the children during the 11 months of the school year and a summer camp. The children are also invited to the Worldwide Snack organized in Punta Cana Resort each year by the GO & GE for a very joyful moment: bazaars, sports and artistic activities, buffets, entertainment, etc.

Use of the collected funds

Funds raised will help to put in place this program for World Vision: professors, salaries, materials, furniture, summer camp…

€ 2,612
pledged over € 15,000 goal